Creating Tranquility at Home on the North Fork

Tranquil Pools & Property Maintenance is dedicated to providing exceptional quality Swimming Pool + Spa maintenance services to the local North Fork community.

Pool + Spa Services

We provide pristine swimming pool + spa maintenance services to bring the idyllic tranquility of the North Fork to your back yard.

  • Filter System Set Up, Installation + Maintenance
  • Pool Opening + Summerization
  • Weekly Service, Cleaning + Chemical Maintenance
  • Equipment Repair + Replacement
  • Emergency Service + Maintenance
  • Pool Closing + Winterization

Home + Property Services

We deliver top quality, exceptional home improvement and renovation services to meet and exceed our customers ideal visions for their homes.

  • Interior + Exterior Home Repairs
  • Custom Flooring and Trim
  • Custom Woodworking
  • Deck Restoration
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Basement Renovation

About Us

Life on the North Fork has always been synonymous with tranquility. From the phenomenal sweeping farm fields, to the renowned vineyards of Long Island Wine Country, and the flourishing fishing industry, the North Fork is truly an idyllic setting – but what makes it special, is that it is a community built on generosity, and in helping our neighbors so that we may all come together to help our community thrive.

Tranquil Pools & Property Maintenance was established in 2013 to serve the North Fork by aiding in creating a peaceful home environment. From full service swimming pool and spa maintenance, to custom, premium home improvement projects, we strive to benefit our local community by way of providing a renewed sense of comfort and tranquility at home.

Travis Jimenez | Founder/Owner

Born and raised on the North Fork, Travis Jimenez has always believed in the exceptional community that surrounded him. After spending five years in pool development, landscaping and project management in the Hamptons, and years more delving into the craft of custom cabinetry, home improvement, and woodworking, Travis established Tranquil Pools & Property Maintenance, aiming to use his years of experience to help his local neighbors create their own tranquil spaces at home on the North Fork.


We deliver top quality, exceptional service, to meet and exceed our customers ideal visions for their pools and homes.


We wholeheartedly believe in our extraordinary North Fork community and aim to help that community thrive.


Our ultimate goal is to benefit our local community by creating a renewed sense of comfort and tranquility at home.

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“A happy life consists in tranquility of mind.”

– Cicero